CKEditor is back! FULL++ Latest version 4.5.4 for OC2.0

CKEditor is back! FULL++ Latest version 4.5.4 for OC2.0
This extension would replace all instances of Summernote with full latest version of CKEditor.
Completely integrated with OpenCart's filemanager. Includes 100+ plugins!

Along with many great features newest OpenCart versions (starting from v2.0) brought some disadvantages.
Such as replaced built-in HTML-editor.
Instead of powerfull and flexible CKEditor now we have to deal with immature Summernote.
With aim to retrieve back CKEditor and regain its power was developed this extension.

Always newest version of CKEditor (4.5.4 currently)
Full integration with OpenCart.
OVER 100 plugins! 72 plugins included into the Full package + 29 Must-Have Additional plugins.

  • Youtube Plugin
  • Media embed Plugin
  • Google Web Fonts plugin
  • SlideShow
  • Video Snapshot
  • Google Map iframe
  • Google Maps snapshot
  • Bootstrap Widgets
  • CodeMirror (Source) Syntax Highlighting
  • Keep TextSelection
  • CKEditor Template Menu
  • Quicktable
  • Table Resize
  • AutoCorrect
  • Word Count & Char Count Plugin
  • Line Height
  • Zoom
  • Background Image for Tables and Cells
  • Letter-spacing
  • Non-breaking space
  • Simple Button
  • QRCode generator
  • Insert Symbol
  • HTML 5 Validation
  • Extra Form Attributes
  • Widget

Demo: (user – demo, password – demo)
Product page

Video demo:
Direct YouTube link (if the video doesn't show up on this page)

Opencart (OCMOD)
Opencart 2.0.0 − (Both vQMOD and OCMOD are available)

System requirements:
For vQmod version: Installed vQmod 2.4.0 or higher (for vQmod version only)

Easy VQMOD/OCMOD install. No core files changed. No files or data will be overridden. All you have to do - just unpack mod files into your store folder in case you're using vQmod or install it by OCMOD-installator.

What customers say about CKEditor is back! FULL++ Latest version 4.5.4 for OC2.0

Great! Works in

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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