[VQMOD]Multi Language/Currency Google Merchant

[VQMOD]Multi Language/Currency Google Merchant
The original Google Base feed is missing an inportant feature to have the feed in multiple languages with different currencies.

So I made a quick VQMOD script which will allow you have multiple feeds submited to google merchant with different currencies and langugages.

Also it will add product category and automatically assign a model "None" if none is specified for a product.

The installation is just like any other VQMOD script.
However, before uploading the script, you must change the google product category to reflect your shop on line 133 in vqmod, by default it will assign your products to "Arts & Entertainment > Hobbies & Creative Arts"

For example if we want to have a google feed for UK market we would specify the following URL:

This URL will change the base feed's currency to GBP and put "uk" in front of product id also it will export the description in english.

You can change the exported currency to the follwoing three types: GBP, USD and EUR by changing the following part in the URL: cur_export=EUR

The prefix for ID can be changed by altering this part: region_id=germany

And finally, the language can be changed by altering: lang_export=de

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31 May 2015

31 May 2015
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