Easy VQMOD Installer

Easy VQMOD Installer

## Compatible with all opencart versions including latest 3.x ##

Easy vqmod package for all opencart versions, enjoy :]

This is the official version of vqmod, there is no modifications in it that can make fail your scripts such in other vqmod installer packages.

The package just helps to install it easily, v2 install is made via extension installer.

Install on opencart v2 - v3

- Go to Extension installer and select the package
- Done

If you have error on file_get_contents uppon installing, enter this url
in your browser: http://[yourwebsite.com]/vqmod/install to terminate installation

Install on opencart v1.5 (or manual install for v2 if doesn't work with extension installer)

- Upload content of "upload" folder to your website
- Enter this url in your browser: http://[yourwebsite.com]/vqmod/install
- Done

Customized admin folder

- Open the file /vqmod/pathReplaces.php
- Insert the following line below // START REPLACES //
$replaces[] = array('~^admin\b~', 'my_admin_folder');
- Change my_admin_folder by your actual admin folder name


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