Google latin-ext fonts display fix

If you use special characters on your store, like "ą č ę ė į š ų ū ž" you will see that these characters are displayed wrongly. That is because you need latin-ext Google fonts enabled and by default OpenCart does not have it. This simple fix will apply latin-ext to your store and characters will be displayed correctly. Tested on default theme with Lithuanian language. It should also work for languages like Polish, Estonian, Latvian or any with latin extended characters.

How to install:

1. Extract downloaded file
2. Log in to your shop administration.
3. Make sure your FTP server is enabled in administration (System > Settings > Select store > FTP).
4. Go to Extensions > Extension Installer.
5. Click the Upload button and select font_fix.ocmod.xml file from the extracted folder.
6. You should get a green message saying: "Success: You have installed your extension!”.
7. Now navigate to Extensions > Modifications and click on the Refresh button at the top right corner of the screen.

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21 Nov 2016

13 Jun 2015
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