Ratio quantity (add product by pack) VQmod

Ratio quantity (add product by pack) VQmod
Ratio quantity - add products by pack (VQmod)

This module is designed to add products into a shopping cart by pack (uses ratio options), the value of which defines in the setting in Admin panel(Catalog->Product->Options tab).
You can use this extension if you keep tab on item sales while the product is sold in boxes, packages or in other units, where the amount of product/items inside is definite.

For example:

Mineral water: it is available in bottles, while it is sold in packs of 6.
Fabric: it is available in meters, while it is sold in rolls 20 meters each.

Also this module adds plus/minus buttons for quantity box in cart.

If you set product options with the help of this module, the customer won't be able to set the amount of product manually (neither on the product page, nor on the cart page).
Visitor can only increase/decrease the amount of product by clicking “+” or “-“ buttons.

Localizations: English, Russian (If you need another, just write us)

Support email: dev@instup.com

Operation of this module was tested with Opencart versions 1.5.6.x, but I believe it will work with earlier versions. If you find any error or bug, please inform us about and we will fix it shortly.

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