Advanced Sales Order List Page For Admin

Advanced Sales Order List Page For Admin
The advanced sales order page is an Opencart extension designed to improve/upgrade your order list page. It adds many features to the order list page, making the work faster. The features have helped our client save a lot of time.

The extension provides a lot of filters to search the orders. It works directly on the order list page which makes it compatible with other extensions on the same page.

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Admin Side
username: improvedorder
password: improvedorder
Extension can be tested on the Sale - Order Page.
Admin Control

Feature Summary

Quickly Change Order Status For Multiple Orders
You can change the order status of many orders from the order list page directly. Also, the option to send customer notifications by email about order status changes with comments.

Check Sales Amount For Today / Date Range
You can easily check sales amounts for a different date range easily. A Very handy tool.

Different Search Filters For Order Search
- Search Multiple Order Ids.
- Search by customer group.
- Search by email address.
- Search by phone.
- Search for the exact product.
- Search by product name.
- Search by model name.
- Search by phone.
- Search based on a date range.
- Search based on the store.
- Search based on the company.
- Search based on the payment method.
- Search based on the shipping method.
- Search based on the postcode (Shipping / Payment).
- Search based on the city (Shipping / Payment).
- Search based on the address_1 (Shipping / Payment).
- Search based on the address_2 (Shipping / Payment).

Control Options
You can enable or disable the filters/features of your choice.
By default on the demo, we have enabled all the filters/features.

Order Status Color For Easy Viewing
The feature makes the order list page very organized. As you can easily realize which are pending orders, which are shipped, which one are delivered, etc. You can set up your own colors for your order status via Admin - Localisation - Order Status.

Hide Column
This feature helps you hide any default column which might not be needed. Again it improves the look of the order listing page.

Total No Of Orders Placed By Customer
Instantly know the total number of orders placed by the customer from the order list page. It will display next to the customer's name. If the customer is registered, you can click on the customer name to enter the customer edit form.

Display Purchased Products
Easily check the different purchased products on the order list page.

Display Total Product Count
We have added a display of the total number of items in the order.
This is a very helpful tool for the order packaging staff. As they can verify it easily if they have the total count displayed.

Instant Phone Number Update
This feature lets you update the phone no directly on the order list page. You can try on the demo. Just click on the phone no input box, change the phone no, and click outside. It will auto-save.

Display Payment & Shipping Method
Easily check which payment/shipping method was used by the client.

Display Shipping Address
The feature will help you show the shipping address of the client on the order list page. You can choose what you want to display. Ex: Postcode, city, address_1, country, etc.

Total Amount Display
This feature displays the total amount of the order at the bottom of the list. So based on the filters you can easily check how many payments are received. Ex, payments received for PayPal, payments received for X product, Or payments received by a specific store/customer group. Etc.

Surprise Free Extension With This Module
We have added a free extension with this. It is called "Send Invoice From Admin". This extension lets you email the original email invoice to the client from the order list page. Because by default there is a need to edit the entire order for sending the invoice, which is very time-consuming.

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No core files are changed.
Easy Installation.

Version history
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What customers say about Advanced Sales Order List Page For Admin

Very good module. Life saver. Thanks a lot....
Really useful extension with an excellent support team. I had another extension conflicting with this one but the support team managed to fix it within 2-3 days without disturbing the other module functionality.
Great product, support is great, there was a conflict with another plugin admin quick search. Note; if using V you may run into this is you have that plugin installed. Not an issue quickly rectified by the team. A great plugin makes like so much easier, well worth the money and impressed by the support


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