Complete Quotation Manager - Request Quote - Approve - Purchase

Complete Quotation Manager - Request Quote - Approve - Purchase
Complete Quotation Manager for opencart :
It is a pure quotation system designed to receive orders in the form of quotes.
Customers can ask for a quotation for the product in the store. This quotation submitted to admin.
Admin can then add/edit price for the quote and submit it back to the customer for approval.
The customer gets a notification in form of an email with Quotation PDF. The customer can check the price quoted in quotation list page in My Account Section in the storefront.

The customer has options to make. They can accept the quotation and place an order Or they can reject the quotation.
Admin gets notified in both the cases (Reject or Accept Quotation).
A quotation history is maintained on admin and catalog side both.
This way quotation can be converted to order.

Latest Update
- Extension is now compatible with 3.x version

Demo Link

Username: demo
Password: demo
Quotation Manager in Admin Backend

Place quotation in front end


• Separate quotation page to maintain quotations list.
• Separate quotation setting to work with quotation system.
• Feature to set only quotation checkout.
• Feature to maintain a different list of quotation status to work with quotations.
• Feature to create new quotation directly from the backend.
• Feature to modify price for each product added.
• Feature to modify quantity for each product added.
• Automatic calculation for totals on price and quantity change.
• Feature to change quotation status of quotation
• Feature to add a comment to the quotation.
• Feature to show quotation in PDF format to the customer.
• Feature to send quotation PDF in the email.
• Feature to stop a customer from viewing prices until quotation is submitted.
• The documentation file is available in zip.

• Adding product to quotation similar to cart procedure.
• Confirm products for quotation similar to cart procedure.
• The customer can checkout using quotation checkout without prices shown.
• The customer can access quotation orders from header link under my account section.
• Separate page for maintaining quotation list submitted in account section.
• Separate page for viewing each quotation submitted in account section.
• Feature to disable viewing of price/total of quotation until it is reviewed by the admin.
• Feature to maintain a dealing process between customer and admin.
• Feature to reject quotation and submit back to admin.
• Feature to accept quotation and place an order.
• Feature to see quotation submitted in PDF format on the account page.
• Feature to see quotation submitted in PDF format directly in the email.
• Feature to convert the quotation into order with same payment gateway selected.
• Register users can place a quotation.


Demo Link

Username: demo
Password: demo

Quotation Manager in Admin Backend

Place quotation in front end

How it works?
The extension is designed to receive orders in form of quotes.

The customer can place an order, the price is not shown to customers. They can just add to quote.
They never pay while placing a quotation.
Many stores need this. There are many stores in which price is not fixed.
So it is decided based on the products added.

So now, customer made a quotation request. It is submitted to admin.
Admin has the power to assign the prices for the products customer has submitted.
Once admin assigns a price. It can be submitted back to the customer.
The customer also gets the PDF Invoice of quotation in the email.

In my account section in the front end. The customer can now see price given to him by admin and he can make an order with that in the opencart itself.

How to use demo

1) Go to the storefront. Catalog (Store Front)
2) Select any products and click get quotation. These products are then added for quotation.
3) Proceed to checkout and confirm the quotation.
4) Now go to admin. Admin (Backend)
5) You will see your quotation here.
6) Click edit and to change price, quantity. All fields can be modified as per request.
7) Total & Subtotal will automatically be changed if price and quantity are changed.
8) Click save changes and then come back to quotation list page by clicking Cancel.
9) Click green tick button. This will allow a customer to see the quotation in account section.
10) You can also notify the customer about the quotation from email with pdf attached.
11) Click edit button. Change quotation status and select the option of notifying the customer. Then click save quotation.
10) Now go to front-end account section Quotation History
11) You can see quotation here with pdf attached.
12) Click view button. You can either place an order or reject it.

This is the flow of quotation manager.

Works with OCMOD.
No core files are changed.

We provide free installation for quotation system. You can email us at with order id.

Need more features?
- Feel free to write down your feature request below in comments.
- We shall look forward to it.
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Create a support ticket for further assistance:
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Then you can try this extension Dual Cart Extension

Difference between Complete Quote Manager and Dual cart

If you want to make your website as just quote website then this extension "Complete quotation manager" is best.

In both of them, once customers request quotes, admin shall receive the quote and can add custom prices.
And the customer can pay for it via store itself using your payment gateways.

If you report any bug or need a new feature, feel free to comment. Response time is usually within 6 to 10 hours email us at

What customers say about Complete Quotation Manager - Request Quote - Approve - Purchase

Works perfectly. And the support was awesome very quick response.
Very great module, good support.


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