Modals- show modules in modals

__ Modal Extension for Opencart 2.x __

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** Features **

* Add Module(s) in a Modal
up to three modules ( Top - Body - Footer ).

* Show modals when user click button or when page load or both.
choose from 6 types of buttons
choose how many times the modal automatically shown to user by setting expire time

* Add as many modals as you wish
add a modal to every route in your website

** example **

-- HTML module
you can show messages to store users ( like coupon message in first image above )
or view a video

-- special products promoting with - Latest - Featured - Specials modules
select products , then add any of above modules to a modal
decide how the modal should be shown ( a session modal or every day ...)
then you can leave the products you selected or just change them , the new ones will shown instead of old ones

can be used with downloaded modules like the free Xmod.


thank you

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22 Aug 2015

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