Mega Reviews (advanced pack)

Mega Reviews (advanced pack)
This is version of the module for OPENCART 1.5.X only. If you need this module for Opencart 2.x, follow the link below:

Mega Reviews for OPENCART 2.x

- admin - demo/demo
- FrontEnd

- VqMod is needed to be installed, cause it's the only way to disable the default opencart reviews and use mega reviews instead.

- Absolutely responsive. Module will adjust to any screen size and look gorgeous.
- Review form is highly customizable. You can show or hide particularly any field and you can decide which fields are required.
- 100% AJAX requests (without reloading the page)
- High browser compatibility. Android, IOS, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, IE 8+ and others.
- You can allow users to attach pictures, images and videos to their reviews.
- You can set limits as to file resolution and size.
- You can prevent reviews to be posted, until they are reviewed by admin,
- Advanced "about me" section. You can let user give some info about himself. This was proved to be a very effective feature and is used in many high-end online stores.
- 5 star rating with ability to give each rating a title (1 star - bad, 4 stars - good etc)
- Customizable options, to give user ability to rate some features of the product separately.
- You can add text values to options.
- All uploaded images and videos are displayed in nice lightbox like gallery, which is also fully responsive.
- You can change almost EVERYTHING through admin panel.
- Check out the demo to see everything this module can do!

- Import and export between this module and standard review module. Display your old reviews through this module!

- Now you can edit options, about you, recommendations, images and almost anything in reviews in admin panel;
- New fields: phone number, email and custom field, which you can make whatever you want
- A lot of bugs fixed.

- Now you can use captcha to prevent spam;
- A lot of bugs fixed.

- Now you can chose position of the plugin. You can put it to the bottom of the page, or in reviews tab where default one was;
- Now you can enable or disable module without uninstalling it.
- Lots of bugs fixed. Bug with settings wasn't being save, some notice and error messages, and other.

If you want to see in on responsive theme, look at the two last pictures. Upon request i can upload another opencart installation with responsive theme and post a link.

This plugin places itself below tabs on product page (content_bottom) or to the reviews tab, that's why it doesn't matter what theme you use, it should work as expected on every site. However if you have any problems with the module, please, don't be hasty to give it a bad review. Email me with your problem, and I'll help you to solve any problem you may have. I can help you with installation and provide any support i can.

Thanks for purchasing! Hope you'll enjoy it:) I'll be updating the module as i fix bugs and add new features.


This is version of the module for OPENCART 1.5.X only. If you need this module for Opencart 2.x, follow the link below:

Mega Reviews for OPENCART 2.x

Be careful when update from previous version! Be sure to back up any changes you made to the module .php .js and .css files so you can restore them on a new version.


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