[VQMOD] Customer specific pricing 1.5.X

[VQMOD] Customer specific pricing 1.5.X

Customer specific pricing allows you to set up an individual price for products for a particular customer or customer group, down to a specific product only, or a range in a category/manufacturer group. This is ideal if you have a store where you have customers you want to give a special discount to on products without needing to set up an entirely new customer group for them

How it works

There are a number of different ways to set prices per product. Here they are for a product that is $100 by default

+10 - Adds 10 to the price, customer sees $110
-20 - Subtracts 20 from the price, customer sees $80
55 - Sets price to exactly $55

+15% - Adds 15% of original price to product, customer sees $115
-25% - Subtracts 25% of original price, customer sees $75
60% - Customer sees 60% of original price, so $60

There is one special usage case which disables the pricing discounts. This is when you set a product to 100%. This is for usage when you have a product in a discounted group that you want to disable from being discounted. So you would have say Category A at -20%, but theres a product B that you don't want to be in that discount even though it's part of the category. So you set that product specifically to 100% and this disables any discounting for the extension on that product

There is an order of precedence for discounts. First the extension tries to get a product specific price for a customer, then a category specific one, then a manufacturer one. If none of these are present, it then goes on to test for their customer group with the same ordering as above

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