Smart Custom PageBackground & ScrollToTop

Smart Custom PageBackground & ScrollToTop
This extension was made by Ukrainian developer.

⍟ What’s "Smart Custom Tool"? ⍟
...There are situations when each page of the online store needs the manifestation of its individuality. To solve this problem the module "Smart Custom Tool" has been developed by the "OCdevWizard" team. With help of this module, the administrator is able to stylize the background for each page of an online store. The functional of the module allows set an image or background color on a given page of your site, the module has wide opportunities in settings. Also module has the function of the smooth scrolling up the page when clicking on a special button.
...The team of the developers "OCdevWizard" offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module "Smart Custom Tool" just now and estimate all its benefits.

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⍟ "Smart Custom Tool" Features ⍟
✯ "Scroll To Top" tool. You can set "Scroll To Top" button to the page.
✯ "Custom Backgrounds" tool. You can set any background-image or background-color to the page.
✯ Large features settings.
✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.
✯ Installation by one click.


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