MyStyle Custom Product Designer

MyStyle Custom Product Designer
You can enable any product in OpenCart for personalization / customization using the MyStyle Custom Product Designer. This allows any user to design their own graphics with a photo-realistic live product preview, and can generate the print file for the order to exact high-res specs (Full-Mode only). Print photos on products! The Customizer itself complete with graphics, uploaded images, and high-res print images are hosted remotely in the cloud by the MyStyle Platform and Amazon S3. Users have a live product preview throughout the design experience. Popular products to personalize include phone cases, t-shirts, canvas prints, etc.

Please note that the MyStyle Custom Product Designer is a serviceware plugin, and requires an active MyStyle Developer account to use in Full-Mode and for access to the high-res, cloud-hosted print files. The MyStyle Custom Product Designer works in conjunction with the customization service. Please visit our OpenCart Plugin Registration Page to get an App ID and Secret!


  • Awesome User Experience
  • User-designed products saves time and eliminates redundant design work
  • High design-completion and sell-thru ratios
  • World-class design tools in the MyStyle Customizer
  • Easy / Quick to install
  • Print-ready images streamline production with any fulfillment
  • Use our catalog of products and network of manufacturers, or use your own!
  • Experienced San Diego based development team for support or custom feature development
  • 100% American Made in the USA! No outsourcing!

Plugin Features

  • Users can design their own products right on your website and:
  • Upload photos
  • Add custom text (vector)
  • Add custom patterns with custom colors
  • Apply cool effects (dropshadow, glow, bevel)
  • Design multi-side products
  • Design multiple sides simultaneously
  • Add gradients (color fades)
  • Integrates with OpenCart products easily
  • Adds custom products directly to the user's OpenCart shopping cart
  • Product prices and description content controlled by OpenCart as normal
  • Thumbnail of user's custom design shows in the shopping cart for each customized item
  • Flash AND HTML5 Mobile versions
  • Mobile auto-detection
  • Print-ready image file generation (can be made to match your exact print specs)
  • Print files can be retrieved in the normal OpenCart order history in the admin (Full-Mode only)
  • Print files are available with a paid license (see MyStyle Platform website for pricing)
  • New products can be added to our system upon request
  • New backgrounds, foregrounds or fonts can be added upon request

Want to learn more? Get in touch with us at MyStyle Platform!

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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