Paypal Express In-Context Enhancement (1.5.6/2.x/3.0)

Paypal Express In-Context Enhancement (1.5.6/2.x/3.0)
Demo Site (you will need to configure Paypal Express with your credentials in admin)

Supported OpenCart Versions:

What does it do:
Alters the Paypal Express mod included with OpenCart to use the new "In-Context" popup style login window:
In-Context is a web/mobile friendly login window designed to speed up the checkout process by allowing the customer to stay logged in.
This means a simpler payment/checkout process and likely more completed sales.
When checking out using Paypal Express, either with the express button or during normal checkout, instead of redirecting the customer to paypal, instead a popup window with the login details will appear.
If the customer had previously logged in, they will not need to login again, otherwise the customer gets a simpler login form and can authorize payment from the popup.
When they confirm, the order is completed as normal. If the customer hadn't selected a shipping option, it will return back to the confirmation step to choose shipping and complete the order.

* You will need to have the latest opencart version of vQmod engine installed (
* You will need a version of opencart that already has the Paypal Express extension (1.5.6 or later)

Main features:
* Simple vQmod script
* Should work with all themes out of the box
* Uses the existing paypal express that comes with opencart as the base
* Customers see new in-context popup paypal box instead of being redirected to another site.
* Customer never leaves your site. It is always loaded in the background.
* Works with normal checkout and the express button module you can place anywhere on your site.

How to install it:
1) Install the latest OpenCart version of vQmod from
2) Unzip and upload the "vqmod" folder to your store's root path. Merging with the existing one.
3) Checkout with Paypal Express, the "Continue" button will be replaced with a Paypal Checkout logo
4) When you click the Paypal button, it should show the in-context popup window instead of redirecting you to paypal.

Paypal Express "In-Checkout" is a new feature designed to simplify the paypal checkout process, but also disables some of the features of normal express checkout.
See here for the list of things that are currently not supported:
The most popular being the Landing page feature to allow defaulting to the credit card form is currently inactive.


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