Pipedrive Intergration - Standard

Pipedrive Intergration - Standard
Pipedrive Standard

This extension integrates OpenCart page with the Pipedrive API

Pipedrive is a great CRM tool with more information here http://pipedrive.com

This extension automatically enters in a deal for any submissions of the contact us page.

The contact us page will still work as before so it will still submit an email however it will also make the required pipedrive API calls.

It will first call the API to see if the person is already in the records, if so it will make the API call to create a deal connected to this person. If the person does not exist in the records it will first create the person then create the deal to associate to that person.

Pro version available - Pro version adds in a note with the website enquiry listed on it as well (the note is associated with the deal and the person


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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2 Mar 2016

8 Jul 2015
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