X-form is an advanced form builder for OpenCart. It allows you to create and integrate any kind of form by dragging and dropping into any layout position OR it can be used independently. X-form has following features. X-form has following features:

1. Unlimited Forms
2. Multi-lingual
3. Available element types are Text,Textarea, hidden, Checkbox, Radio, Select, File, Email, Address, Date, Time, Text/Paragraph, Captcha and Submit button
4. Customize User Email with attachment
5. Customize Admin Email with attachment
7. Can be placed any layout position
8. Multiple UI Themes
9. Customize user defined theme
10. Custom Script/Style
11. Data export to CSV/PDF
12. Possible to edit submitted Record/Data in admin
13. Duplicate/Clone form option
14. Shorcode support. So form can be placed inside any information page, product description
15. Customer data can be integrated with form data
16. It is possible to integration xform in xpayment. So xform can be placed during checkout using xpayment and xform
17. It is possible show form data in the site.
18. For OC >= 2.2, Form can be shown as Product Tab

Admin Demo: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/admin/index.php?route=module/xform/

Admin Login: demo/123456

Built-in theme Demo: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/contact_us
Custom theme Demo: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/custom_theme
Custom theme Demo: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/another_custom_theme

Layout Position Demo: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/desktops/mac

Form Data Show in the site: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/xform-data-site

Shortcode Demo: http://oc2.opencartmart.com/about_us

Please noted that this module is available for OC >= v2.x. There is no version for OC v1.5.x

Change Log
2.0.1 - {productName}, {productID} new email keywords added
- shortcode feature [form]ID[/form] has been added
- Admin language issue

2.0.2 - {recordId} new email keywords added
- Email attachement added

2.0.3 - New field type "hidden" has been added
- Multi-language options added for non-label text
- Customer registration data integration added via hidden field
- bug fix for submit button label

2.0.4 - Export issue fixed
- New export All added
- Pagination bug fixed of the record page

2.0.5 - Multi-language options added for email, success page and guideline
- Initial value option added for text, textarea and email
-Email issue fixed for OC v2.0.1.1

2.0.6 - RegExp validation rule has been added in form builder
- Error message has been added in form builder
- New option "Only for logged users" added
- Keyword search has added in the records listing
- Module Layout bug fixed

- Product_id added in record data
- mail issue fixed in OC 3.x
- Few minor bug fixed

What customers say about X-Form

Really pleased with the support I received, they replied to emails quickly and helped install the extension. The forms are easy to use and set up. Really pleased with the purchase and the support I received.
the best form! & quality support! 5 stars


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