Dual Cart - Opencart + Quotation Cart

Dual Cart - Opencart + Quotation Cart

Dual Cart - Open Cart + Quotation Cart: The extension allows you to receive quote requests for your products along with orders.

As the customer adds a product to the cart, they can now also request a quote for your product(s).
On receiving a quote request, the admin can add a new price for products & submit it back to the customer. Additionally, the admin can also set an expiry date and add shipping charges to that quote.

The Customer is notified by email and PDF attached about the quote submission.
Now the customer has the option to place the order or reject it.
The order will be placed on the submitted price of the quote.

The extension provides you with the best features for turning your Shopping cart into Dual cart.

Try Demo

Step-by-step guide to make a quote on demo : Check guide

Admin Quotation List Page: Dual Cart Settings For Admin
Username: dualcart
Password: dualcart

Store Front: Store front With Request Quote Buttons

Making a quote in the storefront : Check images

Features Summary:


• Separate quotation list and settings page to set up quote functions on the store and maintain quotation orders.
• The quote request can be placed on both sides i.e. Admin and Storefront.
• Quotation edit page to modify prices, set expiry date, and set shipping quotes.
• Quotation info page to view the quote details.
• Quotation re-make page to add/remove products from the quote.
• Quotation creation page to create new quotes from admin.
• Dashboard module for Latest quotations and total quotations.
• Quick assignment of quote types to your product instantly with a quick assignment tool.
• Feature to enable a separate quotation cart on the front end. With this checkout for the quote, products are done quickly.


• The Customer can do both activities in the front-end i.e. add to cart & add to quote.
• They can see quote products in the mini cart and the shopping cart.
• Prices can be shown/hidden for just quote products based on admin settings.
• Add extra quotation text for each product in multiple languages to give an idea about the product.
Ex: $4 - $5 for 1000's pieces, $700 - $800 / piece, etc..
• It is possible to quote even if the product is out of stock.
• Fast quotation checkout can be enabled to check out for quote products quickly.
• Faster checkout only need email, name, and phone number to make a quote order.
• New quotation list and info page added to the customer account section to view quotations.
• Quotation created can be seen by the customer in their account section.
• They can place an order at a submitted price or reject a quote with comments from their account.
• They cannot perform actions if the quote is not yet submitted by the admin and it is under review.
• Feature to see quotations submitted in PDF format on the account page and in the email.
• Register users can place a quotation.
• Complete the quotation button to place the quote for normal add-to-cart products as well.

Products : 2 more types added

With the dual cart, your products can now be of 3 types easily.

1) Normal add to cart: This is similar to your current set up i.e. normal add to cart feature for your product on the front end. A Customer can add the product to the cart and place an order.

2) Only quote: When this field is assigned to the product, on the front end the customer can only request a quote for this product. Add to cart feature is turned off. By default for only quote products, prices are not shown on the front end. This feature can be enabled - or disabled from the admin side.

3) Quote + Cart: When this field is assigned to the product, on the front end the customer can either add to the cart the product or request a quote. So both options are enabled.

New Feature: We have added more controls so that if the product price is zero or qty is zero. It can automatically be made an "Only quote" product. It is controlled via the module settings.

On the demo you will find both kinds of products i.e. quote + cart and just quote.

Latest Update Features Added:

- Zero price products or zero-quantity products can now be set up as "Only quote" automatically via module settings.
- Added expiry date feature to quote submitted.
- Now you can add assigned shipping methods with custom prices to the quote.
- Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Main Features

Opencart + Quotation Cart
You can have 2 carts ( DUAL ) working together in your store i.e normal add to cart and additional quotation cart. Your normal checkout process will be unaffected and there will be an additional way to create a quote request for your products.

The products can be only quoted products, normal add-to-cart products, or both.
You can set up this in admin for each product or through the quick assignment tool

Separate Quotation Checkout
With this customers don't need to add many details for quote purposes. They can add the product to the quote and checkout in 2 easy steps. This is possible if a separate quotation cart is enabled. You can also enable/disable address forms at quotation checkout.

Show Price For Quote Products
If you want to show prices for quote products. It is possible to do it. Just enable the settings on the module settings page. So before the customer places the quote they can still see the normal price available for those products.

Choose preferred shipping method
Before a quotation is placed by the customer there is an optional form to enter the preferred shipping method. They can select this before asking for a quote. The selection would be seen by the admin while checking the quote.

Add custom price for quote
Once the customer requests a quote, the admin can see this in the admin panel quotation list page.
Admin can enter the new price, percentage discount, or fixed price for products.

Set expiry date for quote
Admin can also enable an expiry date for quotes submitted to the customer.
So they can make the order within that date else it would again go under admin review.

Set shipping price / method
Admin can assign a shipping method to quote along with the custom price.
The same shall be shown to the customer while placing the order for that quote.

Admin edit's quote and submits it back to the customer: Check images

Quote PDF
PDF for a quote is attached with an email once the admin submits it.
So customers can download it from the email.
It is also available on the admin and my account page view for view/download.

Place Order / Reject Quote
A customer can place an order at the submitted quote price.
Or they can reject it.

If rejected admin will be notified by email. And also can check the quotation list page
in admin.

Converting quote to order within Opencart


The extension has been tested with the default theme and checkout.
The extension has also been customized on a lot of custom themes like the journal, fastor, pav theme, etc.

If you are using a custom theme and want to know about customization.
Kindly email us at support@cartbinder.com

We offer paid / free configuration based on the theme.
Normal rates for theme customization. Max $20.
Customization is done within 1 - 2 working days.

Help guide
You can check the help guide, version history, and faqs for Delivery date-time slots selection for orders on the documentation link below:

Version History
Check the version history and all the module updates on the link below.
Version History

Create a support ticket for further assistance:
Ticket: Create support ticket on cartbinder

Help / Contact us
For any kind of further queries regarding purchase, customization,etc :
Email: support@cartbinder.com

What customers say about Dual Cart - Opencart + Quotation Cart

Excellent support!
The extension is not complete, it needs improvements for example, when I add a comment to a customer quotation, after submission, I can't see it on the customer side, also it has some minor bugs.
Professional team with very good knowledge.


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