Remove Download Page Links

Remove Download Page Links
Remove the download page links from account page, account menu, sitemap and admin panel. Moreover, in order to avoid user from typing the URL directly, the controller of the download is removed also.

As no core files are overwritten, you can add back the links by removing the extension whenever you want.

Modification System:
Option 1: OCMOD (no core files are overwritten)
Option 2: VQMOD (no core files are overwritten)

Option 1: OCMOD
1. Login to your admin control panel
2. Go to Extension > Extension Installer to upload the xml file (remove_download_links.ocmod.xml)
3. Go to Extension > Modifications and press Refresh button

Option 2: VQMOD (Requirement: VQMOD installed)
Use your FTP program, upload the xml file "remove_download_links.xml" to the folder vqmod/xml

1) Please use either Option 1 or Option 2, don't install both.
2) Please note that the extension will NOT remove the existing download files and the download file links. It just remove the download page access in the front end.


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