Advance Blog Module

Advance Blog Module
TMD Advance BLOG Module For OpenCart

A BLOG is an important part of any website, and for any e-commerce website, it is mandatory to have a blog. Blogging enables organic traffic to the website so bloggers need a simple and effective platform to start blogging and promote any of products or services related to their e-commerce business.

TMD OpenCart BLOG module is created to provide an effective blogging platform that is simple and easy to manage.

It has its own page for publishing post where you can also set up your own template. You can add BLOG and categories from admin. and there are several other configurations and settings in the module like color setting, Enable/Disable options for Title, Write descriptions, Social share icons, etc.

It also provides a dashboard for the admin to view the overall number of categories post and recent comments up to date.

Manage Category, Post, Images, Sidebar, Comment and More

There are several other configurations and settings in the module like color setting, enable/disable options for title, write descriptions, social share icons, etc. All these features make it one of the best BLOG module for OpenCart.

* Fast Loading and Sleek
* SEO Friendly URL
* Display All BLOG on one page
* Set your own color according to your theme
* Display full BLOG Banner for a written post/article
* Create BLOG and Manage all Entry
* Enable/Disable Options
* Sidebar

Support Multiple Authors for Post.

Unlike Blog module selling by Others, TMD OpenCart Blog Module supports multiple authors. More than 1 author can write multiple posts for your blog and publish publicly.

All authors can see their own blog post and comment written on their post. They can edit the post and delete comments.

BLOG Will have Color Theme like Your Website

It is easy to get blog into our website. But after that we think, can we change the color of text or some element present on Blog! That's what our Blog Module solved. You do not have to pay for changing color into Blog to any dev. All you can do from blog Setting page.

Setting page consist of many color-related options like Header Text, Header Hover Text, Theme, Theme Hover effect color, Blog Container Background, Blog Box Background, Title Text, Description Text.

Give branding to Blog as you did on your website. Website matching color theme to blog gives feel like official Blog. So your customer/client will feel comfortable.

OpenCart Blog Extension Is SEO Friendly

We know how important is search traffic for any website. OpenCart blog extension loves SEO, that's why it has faster indexing, rich results in Search Engines, permalink URLs, Title, Meta Description of blog, and post as well.

While writing a BLOG post you can control the title and meta description of it. Also, you can write SEO friendly URL for that post. Which is loved by all search engines.

All these things packed under this extension. OpenCart 3 blog module will help your blog post to get a better ranking in search engines.

Write Update Or Announcement Post Having Own Format

BLOG comes with a lot of setting and powerful dashboard. It also has 4 social share icons present. Using this your post can be shared on the various social networking website. It let you use Blog by multiple Authors. You can create multiple categories, post. BLOG comes with Gallery. You can show as many pictures you want in any post.

Your customer/client can write a comment on a post. Comment counting will display in the dashboard and comment page respectively.

Post can have any kind of format. There is a WYSIWYG Editor present. which use to write a post. We can write HTML and text while creating a post. Video and gallery can be shown in the post.

Below the post, automatically related posts will show from the same category. All post will be SEO friendly.

Take Full Control Over How Blog Will Display On Your Website

Blog module allows you to edit and show what you like. One Blog Page will display all post written so far. There are lots of built-in features and setting is going to save your time. This module not only allows to show/hide information but also give you the option to edit the image size of the post. Please read more detail below.

1. General Blog setting to identify your blog with Title and Description.
2. Blog Page settings to enable or disable options such as Description, Feedback Box, Blog Image, Blog Image, Blog Comments, Social Share Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google.
3. Blog Category settings to display features on category level such as Description, Feedback Box, Social Share icon.
4. Adjust Color setting like Header Text, Header Hover Text, Theme, Theme Hover effect color, Blog Container Background, Blog Box Background, Title Text, Description Text.
A dashboard for the admin to view the number of created categories, post and recent comments up to date.

Compatible With Journal and Other Popular Themes

We have done all kind of testing on all versions and themes as well. OpenCart blog extension will work perfectly on all popular themes. Journal Theme is well known. TMD all modules and extensions support Journal theme.

Also, it is compatible with almost all OpenCart themes available in the market. We got another name of it, OpenCart Blog Pro. Because of its enrich functionalities.


If you have any kind of question or looking for support. Please create a ticket.

What customers say about Advance Blog Module

Great module and great support! Works like a charm with opencart I think this developper is the best OpenCart Partner !
The seller is very satisfied and quickly. His haven't problems, good developer. You don't hesitate...
I had some problems with links and text display because of my own theme. I got help within the hour. This is greatly appreciated! Great work!


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