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The Enterprise product allows product-class taxation, such as different rates for apparel, food, and other specially-taxed goods. It also supports sales tax holidays, configurable reports, and integration with POS (Point of Sale) solutions. Most state taxing jurisdictions do not breakdown on a state-basis, but rather tend to have convoluted county, city, special district boundaries that rarely fall on nice and neat 5-digit zipcode boundary lines.

With AccurateTax, you can take the management of these issues out of your daily management concerns. The AccurateTax Enterprise extension for OpenCart integrates seamlessly and will calculate the sales tax you're required to collect based on the specific boundaries and rates given for a destination. This is the only solution for OpenCart that truly manages your sales tax calculations correctly.

You can signup for an AccurateTax FREE trial account on our website:

Extension and documentation fully supports OpenCart 2.3.x.x Integration with OpenCart 1.x requires additional steps. Please contact us for free assistance with this process.

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7 Apr 2021

14 Jun 2011
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