We Do Have Products - For Out Of Stock Products

We Do Have Products - For Out Of Stock Products

The idea is simple: When a product is going out of stock that is having quantity zero or less than zero. Display a selected set of products or related products on the same product page. Customer will not exit the page as s/he will find something similar to the product they looked for. They will not be disappointed and can definitely try something similar. It is just like an improvement to out of stock products.

Features :
- Show single or multiple products for out of stock products
- Each product can have a different set of products.
- Add your own custom text to retain the customer attention.
- Supports text in multilanguage.
- Languages can be edited from extension itself.
- When a product goes out of stock, automatically we do have products come on the product page.
- If added products have a special price, then the calculation of percentage is done automatically. See image above.
- When multiple products are added, it displays them in a circular order.
- No core files are changed.

Try Demo Opencart Version 2.x

Example Front End:
We do Have Example 1

We do Have Example 2

Admin Setting

Try Demo Opencart Version 1.5.x

Example Front End:
We do Have Example

Admin Setting

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No core files are changed

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