PayUBiz India Seamless Module

PayUBiz India Seamless Module

Demo for OC Version 1.5.x.x

PayU Biz India Seamless Module

Please note the seamless module will not work on PayuMoney Merchant account. If you still need this send us your email or create a support ticket , we will notify you when PayuMoney releases Seamless API

01) Use Payment module like Flipkart, Myntra , Snapdeal
02) Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking Supported
03) Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club cards in Credit Card
04) Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Rupay cards in Debit Card
05) Various banks supported in Net banking
06) List of cards and banks are provided by PayU
07) Card validations API used and tested with all types of Indian Cards and patterns
08) Expiry date validation, name, card number, and cvv validations are set in place,
09) Beautiful layout feel like a details are getting entered in card
10) Validate as details are filled, algorithm identifies the card from pattern and displays
11) No role of Payu, user redirects directly to bank in Net Banking, and also to bank for OTP in Card transaction.
12) Incase the bank server is down, or Bank is no longer associated with PayU, the transaction does not fail, then user goes to PayU to choose different bank.

See the demo and contact support for any questions.

Note: SSL certificate is advised to you any seamless module in your site, however module will work without SSL certificate.

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Below are the test card details for doing a test transaction in the testing mode

Merchant Key: gtKFFx

CardName: Any name
CardNumber: 5123 4567 8901 2346
CVV: 123
Expiry: 05/2020

Demo for OC Version 1.5.x.x


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