Separate Return / Order / Newsletter / Affiliate Emails

Separate Return / Order / Newsletter / Affiliate Emails
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

PS: Mod has 2 types of installation OCMOD and VQMOD

Every business tries to grow as much as possible to have more customers, to make more sales and so on. And once it happens it may become a tough task to manage all aspects of your business alone. By default OpenCart has one main store email that is used for everything, return items, order processes, contact us pages, affiliates, newsletters...

And if your store has become a bigger you need a helping hand, but Opencart doesn't provide you such features like to split the workload by different support departments.

This extension will allow you to set 4 emails departments. 1) orders 2) returns 3) newsletters 4) affiliates each section now can be supported by different emails, that is all users who will buy at your store or orders will be processed and statuses changed can be assigned to X email, all item returns can be assigned to another email so now you can divide your workload:) Even if you are only one person managing your store it is still a must to have extension as it allows you to manage your workload more effective by having all requests/orders/returns separated and not mixed into one email.

Your customers will love your new departments as they will be able to get faster responses by you or your team, getting all requests grouped by emails.


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