Magic 360

Magic 360

Magic 360 supports: OpenCart 3.x, OpenCart 2.x, OpenCart 1.5.x

Spin products round in 360 degrees to see them from every angle! Products feel life-like, giving viewers immediate confidence to buy.

Thanks to its responsive design, this 360 degree photo software scales your images intuitively on any screen size.

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This OpenCart 360 degree viewer offers any business (no matter how large or small) the ultimate online shopping experience for its customers: spin, magnify & full-screen effects create this incredible 3-in-1 image tool.

Why it matters

The more customers can see your products, the less questions they have. Why is this important? It saves your Customer Service team precious time.

Another huge benefit is it also means fewer returns. Because customers know what they're buying, they're less likely to send an item back.


For a one-off payment of $139 you'll enjoy incredible features:

  • Fully responsive - image automatically scale up/down.
  • 3D spin (up/down and left/right)
  • Magnify on click for zoomed detail.
  • Enlarge to view spins full-screen.
  • Choose shape of magnifying glass: inner, circle, square.
  • Auto-spin once, twice or infinitely.
  • Set auto-spin speed (1 = fast / 10000 = slow).
  • Supports any number of photos.
  • Adjust the text on buttons.

Even better...

  • Works perfectly on iPhone, iPad, Android devices.
  • Supports all web browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).
  • Built using JavaScript only - it doesn't use Flash.

Magic 360 works well with...

  • Running OpenCart inside Joomla using AceShop, MijoShop or jCart.
  • Magic 360 is vQmod ready. If you use the popular OpenCart extension on your store, no core files will be changed when Magic 360 is installed. Don't worry if you don't use vQmod. You can still install Magic 360 on your website.

Try first, buy later

Either buy it right now - you're 100% protected by our 30-day moneyback guarantee.

Or install the free trial of Magic 360. A red 'Trial version' message shows in the corner - just buy a license to remove the red text once you're ready.


  • Install Magic 360 OpenCart extension.
  • Go to your Magic 360 settings page and specify how many photos create the left/right movement of your spin (the default is 36).
  • Upload your set of 360 degree photos to your product page using the standard OpenCart image uploader.

What you'll need

A set of photos which show every angle. Your product moves ever so slightly in each photo, to create the 360 effect. Magic 360 then knits the images together to create the 360 degree spin.

Save each set of images as JPEGs about 800px to 1200px wide. OpenCart automatically resizes images throughout your ecommerce store.

Naming your images

Number your images in the order you want them to appear on your OpenCart product page eg: shoe-01.jpg, shoe-02.jpg, shoe-03.jpg etc.

360 photography

Taking single spins (left/right movement): A single spin only moves left and right. As mentioned above, it is photographed every 10 degrees (for example) to create a smooth spin, and are taken at the same level for each image.

Taking 3D spins (up/down and left/right movement): A 3D spin can move up/down and left/right. This is accomplished by taking the first set of images at one level, then adjusting the camera position and taking the next set of images at a different level, and so on.

Prefer to hire a professional? No problem - ask us to get a quotation from a professional photographer.

Generally, 360 photography studios provide 36 high resolution JPEG images of each product to create a spin. This means each image must be taken at a 10 degree interval for the spin to feel smooth when viewed. You can take any number of photos (more or less), the crucial factor is that each frame is separated by the same number of degrees, making it feel consistent.

OpenCart 2 users: combine 360 spins & zoom

Customers love to switch between zoomable product images & 360 spin. Why? Because it gives them choice of how they want to experience your products.

Magic 360 works seamlessly with zoom & enlarge, zoom only or enlarge image zoom effects on any OpenCart 2 store.

Let's get started

Install Magic 360 on your store today. We provide free 30 minutes Technical support. Get in touch with any questions.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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