Smart One Page Checkout

Smart One Page Checkout

⍟ What’s "Smart One Page Checkout"? ⍟
...The standard system of ordering in the OpenCart engine according to the statistics and on the basis of the practice is not convenient. The extra clicks and steps to order the goods only aggravate the process of buying. Most of customers give up their goods in a shopping cart and leave your site. This negatively influence on the conversion rate of your online store. To solve this problem, the team of the developers "OCdevWizard" has created an excellent module of making the orders. This module provides flexible functionality and has powerful set up system. Just a couple of clicks you can simplify the form of order to only 1-3 fields, or make it how you need considering the capabilities of the module. This module is one of the modules, which should have every store to achieve success and not to lose its customers.
...The team of the developers "OCdevWizard" offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module "Smart One Page Checkout" just now and estimate all its benefits.

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⍟ "Smart One Page Checkout" Features ⍟
✯ Fast and simple checkout process.
✯ Large system settings.
✯ Custom "Success Checkout Page" on bort.
✯ Custom "Empty Cart Page" on bort.
✯ Compability with the OpenCart Custom Fields.
✯ Creating real order.
✯ Export/Import module settings.
✯ Unlimited fields to order form.
✯ Individual validation rules for fields.
✯ Individual css id & css class for fields.
✯ Three types of fields position: left (50% width), center (100% width), right (50% width).
✯ Mask for phone field.
✯ Order prefix.
✯ Select payment methods to show.
✯ Select shipping methods to show.
✯ Select checkout and payment Terms to show.
✯ Support Google Analytics (ecommerce, events).
✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.
✯ Set order status after checkout.
✯ Error input highlight.
✯ Sortable fields.
✯ Give discount after checkout.
✯ Ajax processing.
✯ Multi language support.
✯ Multi stores support.
✯ Select with customer groups and stores should be work module.
✯ Responsive (mobile friendly) by Bootstrap.
✯ Installation by one click.
✯ try this module and see other futures...

⍟ Support Information ⍟
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⍟ Terms & Conditions ⍟
I highly recommend you to read this document before purchasing.

⍟ FAQ ⍟
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