Stock Help Tools : Making stock management better and easier

Stock Help Tools : Making stock management better and easier

The extensions contains features that improves the stock management.
Each feature is different and can do a complete different job.
Currently 2 features available in this pack.

Display quantity in stock for order products

- Feature to display quantity in stock for order products.
- You can check sale - order - info page in admin.
- You can now see product quantity available.
- It gives you instant check about how much stock is available for ordered products.
- Check image above for reference.
- You can check demo here
- You can go to products tab to see the feature.
Allow Backend order for low stock products

- By default you cannot place order for low stock products from backend and frontend.
- This feature helps you allow placing order from backend when product is out of stock.

Video Tutorial:

Demo Link

Username: demo
Password: demo

Admin control for both features

Also Check Complete Stock Manager

This above extension is a one of the extensions from COMPLETE STOCK MANAGER package.
Complete stock manager contains 4 different extensions in one package.

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