Product Options to Category List - SALE

Product Options to Category List - SALE
Product Options to Category List

SALE !!!


What it does

Product Options to Category List is an opencart extension. It add the ability to display and customize any product option to category list at front end of your store. You are able to customize which product option is shown in the category page of your store. You can turn on/off whole option types or on product > option to option basis.
Customers can chose the options on products category page and add it to cart without need to go to product page.

It is very useful if you want to speed up the process and significantly boost your sales, because in most cases customers could have one step less when choosing the right options to products. Or if you having a store for example pizza where you can show the size from the category page, saving time for your customers.

As an extra feature the extension comes with the extra modifications for default modules (which comes with the opencart as featured module, special module, latest etc…), so they show the product options as well.

Compatible with our Quantity Options + AutoPrice !!!
--> auto-count feature on the category list in demo is caused by Quantity Options + AutoPrice extension

Compatible with mojishop


  • you can now set default options
  • display any product option on category list
  • customize any product option that is shown on category list
  • less steps for your customers to choose the right option
  • boost sales
  • disable / enable labels
  • disable / enable product options on product > option basis
  • default opencart module support
  • JOURNAL2 + journal custom section module compatible

Easy installation via ocmod.


ADMIN demo (guest/guest)

Front End



See Documentation...


Due to very versatile market of the custom themes it is possible that you will require an assistance from our support team to configure the module to the needs of the theme.

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What customers say about Product Options to Category List - SALE

Extension does not work properly and crash website. I contact developer to fix - he try and says it is fixed and working, but still nothing was fixed and extension not work as promised.
No vendor support.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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