Smart Product View

Smart Product View
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⍟ What’s "Smart Product View"? ⍟
...A perfect solution to improve the usability of your online store is a module "Smart Product View". This module allows the buyer to see the main information about a product without having to go to its page. The module displays information about the product in a popup window, at the same time the user is on the same page from where this pop-up window was generated.
...This algorithm recommended itself enough good as the buyer doesn’t need to link to another page, and then come back to continue the search on your site. This module provides a basic list of information about the product: product image, price, description, functional of adding the product to buying cart, and so on. The module "Smart Product View" will be useful to managers who want to make the staying on the pages of their online store more convenient for their customers.
...The team of the developers "OCdevWizard" offers you the excellent solution for your business: module which needs absolutely each internet store. Don’t lose you time – buy the module "Smart Product View" just now and estimate all its benefits.

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⍟ "Smart Product View" Features ⍟
✯ Popup view.
✯ Ajax processing.
✯ You can show/hide some parts in module, like: sku, upc, addToWishlist button etc...
✯ Export/Import module settings.
✯ Multi language support.
✯ Ajax price, special price, tax calculating.
✯ You can add unlimited amount of up-sell or cross-sell items.
✯ You can associate offers with multiple products.
✯ Select with customer groups and stores should be work module.
✯ Customize background overlay for module.
✯ Using vQmod or OCmod.
✯ Responsive (mobile friendly) by Bootstrap.
✯ Installation by one click.

⍟ Installation, System requirements, Notice ⍟
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⍟ Support Information ⍟
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⍟ Terms & Conditions ⍟
I highly recommend you to read this document before purchasing.

⍟ FAQ ⍟
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