SEO Url Editor for Opencart 2.x

SEO Url Editor for Opencart 2.x
SEO Url Editor for Opencart 2.x

This editor is designed to work with short urls (seo friendly) from the table url_alias, because not all SEO URLs can be edited via Admin panel directly.
The editor shows URLs that are specified for store, products, categories, manufacturers and information pages in separate tabs, to not complicate the work with them.

Also, if there is a short URL in the database, the editor automatically changes it to SEO friendly (short) at the frontend of your shop, including homepage url with route=common/home that will changed to simple url of your store without query parameters

Eg: A long URL looks like, then in the editor you adds short URL contact for information/contact query path, and after that the link will looks like If there will no any data for long url, links will look as usual Opencart links with full route. So you can change only that urls that you need.

Visual explanation is on the attached images. Also all SEO urls caches to avoid Database load.

One more thing: Module adds correct http response code (404) from all non-existent pages . That is very good for seo optimization

Localizations: English, Russian

Support email:
If you need technical support or found an error, please don't write about in comments, write directly to support email.

Operation of this module was tested with Opencart versions, 2.1.0.x and, but I believe it will work with earlier versions. If you find any error or bug, please inform us about and we will fix it shortly.

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