Ultimate Marketing Manager (Feeds, Tags, GDPR)

Ultimate Marketing Manager (Feeds, Tags, GDPR)
Adds fully customizable universal feeds and scripts for any platform with a cookie consent box. Includes Multiple Google Tags (Analytics 4, Ads (Adwords), eCommerce (with API support), Conversion), Google/Bing Merchant feed, Adwords feed, and Facebook Pixels (with Conversions API) & feeds.
Use any platform, marketplace, price comparison, search engine or social network. Create dynamic ads, export products & more, you won't get more features for this price.
Main Features:
  • Cookie/tracking consent box (GDPR)
  • Rich Snippets
  • Dynamic remarketing/retargeting ads on any platform (Google, Facebook & more)
  • Export products to any platform (supports creating your own feeds)
  • Dynamic page tracking for any platform (add custom scripts/tags to all your pages)
  • Supports dynamic remarketing ads also in countries without Merchant Center support
  • Easy Google & Facebook setup
  • Simple installation, via ocmod/vqmod, no files will be overwritten
  • Free support
Feed Features:
  • Custom universal feeds (any feed with downloadable free templates)
  • Exports products, manufactures, categories and carriers.
  • Google/Bing/Twenga/Pinterest feed for ads & shopping (xml)
  • Google Adwords Business Data feed (csv)
  • Facebook product catalog feed for ads & shopping (xml)
  • Products can be filtered by keywords, product/price range, categories, manufactures and product IDs
  • GZIP compression
  • Supports Google category taxonomy
  • Adds automated language, currency & option selection via product urls
  • Feeds are created on the fly (cron jobs not needed)
  • Feeds can be saved to your server (bypasses server limitations)
  • Supports very large shops
  • Multi store, currency, language and options
Tag/Script Features:
  • Custom dynamic scripts (any dynamic tags/scripts with downloadable free templates)
  • Dynamic Facebook Pixels (with custom events)
  • Facebook Conversions API
  • Google Analytics 4
  • Google Measurement Protocol API
  • Google enhanced eCommerce
  • Google Ads (Adwords)
  • Google Conversions (with enhanced conversions)
  • Google Customer Reviews
  • Custom API calls
  • Supports various checkout extensions (new can be added by request via the free support)
  • Respects "do not track" web browser setting
  • Automatically sets product values in the scripts
  • Multi store, currency, language and options
Download free templates:

User: demo
Password: demo

Old Facebook/Google setup tutorial (new tutorial in the documentation)

Example feeds:
Google Merchant (Bing, Twenga, Pinterest...):
Example custom feeds (more feeds can be added by request for free):
Supported events on the Facebook and Google scripts:
Facebook standard events:
  • PageView
  • Search
  • ViewContent
  • InitiateCheckout
  • Purchase
  • CompleteRegistration
  • AddToCart
  • AddToWishlist
Facebook custom events:
  • ViewHome
  • ViewCart
  • ViewLogin
  • RemoveFromCart
  • AddToCompare
  • ViewCategory
Google events (Merchant Center/Adwords):
  • page_view
  • view_item
  • view_item_list
  • search/view_search_results
  • purchase
Google Ecommerce events:
  • view_item
  • view_item_list
  • view_cart
  • add_to_cart
  • remove_from_cart
  • add_to_wishlist
  • add_to_compare (custom)
  • begin_checkout
  • purchase
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If you have problems or questions, contact me via the "GET SUPPORT" button on this page.

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The best!!!
Module works well. Excellent service!
Great seller, who gives me decent support even after the license expired. Recommended and wish you great business all the way, thanks very much.


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  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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