Script Manager Pro (Google, Facebook & Customizables)

Script Manager Pro (Google, Facebook & Customizables)
This extension provides Google, Facebook and Customizable dynamic codes, Google Analytics, Ecommerce, Optimize & conversion scripts.
It's the only extension, which also provides dynamic remarketing via Analytics, which is currently the only way to have dynamic remarketing in countries, that are not supported by the Google Merchant Center.
The custom dynamic script is a powerful feature, that enables you to use any kind of script on your page with dynamic values. You can also use different scripts for different pages.

A product feed is required for dynamic remarketing ads! If you don't have feeds, check The Complete Marketing Manager extension instead.

All settings can be found in the System/Settings[edit]->"Script Manager" tab in opencart 1 & 2 or Extensions/Extensions[Analytics]->"Script Manager - Remarketing scripts" in opencart 3.

Remarketing Manager - demo page

Remarketing Manager - admin page
User: demo
Password: demo

  • customizable dynamic scripts (can use any scripts)
  • dynamic Google remarketing for all countries
  • dynamic remarketing scripts via Merchant Center
  • dynamic remarketing scripts via Analytics
  • dynamic Facebook remarketing scripts
  • Google Ecommerce
  • Google Optimize
  • supports multiple checkout extensions (new will be added if needed)
  • latest Global Site Tag & Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook custom events with products
  • respects "do not track" web browser setting
  • automatically sets dynamic values
  • dynamic Google conversion tracking code
  • multi language
  • multi currency
  • multi store
  • simple installation, via ocmod/vqmod, no files will be overwritten
  • support for various checkout extensions (new can be added by request via the support)

    Supported events on the Facebook and Google scripts:
    Facebook standard events:
    • PageView
    • Search
    • ViewContent
    • InitiateCheckout
    • Purchase
    • CompleteRegistration
    • AddToCart
    Facebook custom events:
    • ViewHome
    • ViewCart
    • ViewLogin
    • ViewCategory
    Google events (Merchant Center/Adwords):
    • page_view
    • view_item
    • view_item_list
    • view_search_results
    • purchase
    Google analytics events (Analytics/Adwords - dynx):
    • searchresults
    • offerdetail
    • conversionintent
    • conversion
    • other
    Google Ecommerce events:
    • view_item
    • view_item_list
    • add_to_cart (on product and category pages)
    • begin_checkout
    • checkout_progress (without steps)
    • purchase

    If you require feeds and codes/pixels, check this extension (it contains all you need for dynamic/remarketing ads):
    Marketing Manager

    Product feeds only:
    Feed Manager

    If you want to increase sales with nice looking discount/special tags, check this extension:
    Special Discount Tags with stock status

    You can check the google remarketing code with the Google Tag Assistant (chrome extension), and Facebook with the Pixel Helper (chrome extension), or by checking Google AdWords and Facebook.

    The extension should work with most themes, but if something, contact me via the "GET SUPPORT" button.

    Version 2.0:
    • support for the new Global Site Tag and google's legacy codes
    • improved Facebook pixel
    • better AddToCart and AddToWishlist Facebook event coverage
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Version 3.0:
    • added dynamic/static Google conversion code
    • added dynamic/static adaptable(universal) conversion code
    • added Google E-commerce purchase code

    Version 3.0.1:
    • added telephone number for Facebook advanced targeting
    • addtocart Facebook event button can be selected in the admin (only needed for some themes)
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Version 3.2:
    • Google & Facebook conversion with/without shipping
    • Google & Facebook script values with/without taxes
    • Google scripts values (without currency info) now uses the default currency
    • fix for Facebook num_items on events
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Version 3.2.1:
    • added contents to the Facebook pixels
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Version 3.2.2:
    • added user_id parameter for google scripts
    • added "do not track" web browser setting support
    • added best checkout support
    • improved quickcheckout support
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Please backup your old scripts and setup, because this version uses new settings and after the update the old setup will be gone.
    Version 4.0.0:
    • reworked settings & scripts
    • added Customizable Dynamic Scripts
    • added Facebook custom events with products
    • added Google Ecommerce
    • added Google Optimize
    • added Google IP anonymization
    • google script updated to the latest version
    • added product option settings
    • improved "do not track" web browser setting support
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Version 4.0.1:
    • fixes customizable script price calculation

    Version 4.0.2:
    • changed all customizable script names to improve compatibility
    • added optional legacy google remarketing tags
    • added prices without discounts (customizable scripts)
    • other improvements and bugfixes

    Version 4.0.3:
    • fixes the special price of the add to cart event

    Version 4.0.4:
    • added email, phone, first and last name to the customizable scripts
    • added delimiter to the customizable scripts
    • added Facebook currency settings
    • other improvements and bugfixes

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