Advance Product Description

Advance Product Description
Using this extension you can add a product description pdf file for the product. So it helps to attach a product manual for the products. It shows on the product description page for download.

First user has to fill contact details like Name, Email, Phone Number. Then an email will send to the admin with these details and the product name for which the description has downloaded. And then the product description file will be downloaded. Now admin has all the user's details who have downloaded the description, and then admin can contact them. It can improve the site business.

The advantage of the extension is to add extra product description in detail for each product on product description page.

This extension support multilanguage functionality. You can add a pdf description file in multilanguage for a product.

The extension has following advantages:
1. Now admin have all the users details who have downloaded the description, and then admin can contact them.
2. It can improve the site business.
3. It has multilanguage functionality, so attach different description pdf file for different languages per product.
4. It uses OCMOD so it does not overwrite any code or files.
5. It is very easy to install.
6. We provide you help in every manner if you facing any problem installing this extension.
7. We will customize the extension for you.
8. Free installation service available.
9. Fast and friendly support, you will get a reply within a couple of minutes.

Other buyers charging for installation of their own extensions. But we provide free installation of extensions.

Our aim is client satisfaction. We don't leave our clients in middle of problem. We try to provide best support and service as soon as possible.

Easy to use.

Please contact us at, if you face any issue.



1. Add description file to download for a product

2. Upgraded version, Add Unlimited pdf file and manage description title also for each product in multiple language

3. Manage Multistore Maintenance Mode separately

4. Manage Multistore Shipping Methods separately

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