In Stock Status : 3 Features Pack

In Stock Status : 3 Features Pack

In-stock status is a status that is shown for products in stock.
You can manually change in stock status for each product from the backend.
And this stock status can be shown on product pages and all other pages.
The instock status gives the customer a good idea about the product.

Version support: All Opencart version 2.x

For example, in stock status like

- Selling fast,
- Only 3 days left to buy,
- first come first serve

Showing instock status increased the probability of purchase.
As the customer is worried about the product will go out of stock.

Instock status when product quantity is low

When product quantity is low, the in-stock status will show product quantity left to customers.


- Only 1 left to purchase.
- Only 4 available.

Such status can be displayed on all pages like category, home page, product page. etc.

Demo Link

Check Instock Status In Front End

Username :demo
Password : demo
Check Control For Instock Status

Also Check Complete Stock Manager

This above extension is a one of the extensions from COMPLETE STOCK MANAGER package.
Complete stock manager contains 4 different extensions in one package.

No core files are changed.

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