Search Analytics

Search Analytics

Search Analytics for Opencart is a MUST HAVE extension that allows you to view statistics of what customers are searching on your website.

You can install Search Analytics as standalone extension or component of Advanced Smart Search, the full featured search extension that allows you to search for keywords within 20 product fields, to check for plurals, misspelled words and much more!

Getting in time what customers are looking for on your website its very useful to increase your selling opportunities. Do you sell microwaves and Search Analytics shows searches for microwowave oven lamps? It's time to add them to your catalog!

Search Analytics:

  • shows what your customers are looking for and then what they want to buy;
  • it allows you to setup smarter and more effective Marketing strategies (optimize Newsletters, product descriptions, banners etc.);
  • it alerts you in time if you are losing sale opportunities so you can stock up on products that your shop doesn't sell yet.

Search Analytics is very easy to use!

  • It includes four different charts for visually comparing searches
  • It shows how searches change over time;
  • It has two search views, Top Searches and Search history, to analyze aggregate and single results:
    - Top Searches allows to view searches grouped by keyword/keyphrase;
    - Search history shows every single search, customer's name and IP number, date and time of searches;
  • Searches can be filtered by keywords, date and grouped by day, month or year;
  • Raw data can be exported in CSV format and viewed/manipulated with Excel, Openoffice Calc or any other software that supports CSV files;

Search Analytics is very easy to install, just upload files on your server, it uses vqmod, no core files will be modified.

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