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Product editor Pro frontend
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Personal editor+ - an editor at a shop window with great potential, it is not necessary to go to the admin panel to search for products and add the option, or an attribute of goods tper this can be done in the shop window!
Edit can one who has access to the admin panel

1) Modules fast editors in the storefront
2) Different sets of tools for different groups of administrators, moderators, managers.
3) Having the flexibility to specify which tool who sees, and the degree of responsibility.
4) Quick access to the editors of various categories, and maps search
5) Compatible with Filter PRO
6) Personal responsibility for the committed action (logging of changes in the last 5 events)
7) Protection nakrutok filling card product (changes are recorded only when the information is changed by more than 25%
8) The date, current time, and the name change operation
9) Ability to select additional information visible only to certain administrators group
(by id attribute for those who are already crying curve 1.C. base and led to additional non-unique articles infu)
10) Automatic generation of unique CNC 3 methods with the ability to change the method of "on the fly"
11) The ability to "close" each of the characteristics of the editing either partially or completely.
(Important for unique content, protection against accidental changes and simply by "fool")
12) Automatically download images at once in "the desired folder," which allows you to store any more brakes 10ml.
pictures, while having an accurate representation of what folder where you store pictures and it is to this card.
13) Search and automatically download images from Google, with a choice of main and additional pictures (immediately to the desired location)
14) Fill the image on the direct URL (no matter where)
15) Combining the same products with different price
16) Disconnection mistake or radically change the value of product SKU at postaschika without loss of description (especially true for a unique already indexed opisalok)
17) Purchase price of goods for each supplier separately
18) Withdrawal of the purchase price only upon request, and only those who have the right to see her immediately in all warehouses (important for "Zakuperov" logisticians analysts, managers) is not obvious to the casual observer (client)
19) Ability to set "Manual price 'of the product
20) Unconditional priority 'Hand price' before all others.
21) Control "Manual prices" on the set parameters (protection against fraud)
22) No evidence of 'Hand price' for an outside observer (client)
23) Avtosnyatie "Manual prices" at a given time, an opportunity to ask her for any length of time up to an hour.
24) Personalization changes "Manual price" (6 changes who, when and with what amount to some)
25) Quickly create shares and discounts
26) Quick selection of recommended (auto-complete)
27) Quick Editor Model: SKU: Product code (manufacturer's code) UPC: Universal Product Code Location:
28) Quick Attribute Editor
29) Quick Editor options
30) Setting up of admin rights to user groups.


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