Update / Import All Products Price & Quantity(OCMOD)

Update / Import All Products Price & Quantity(OCMOD)
Extension Features
** Bulk import and update products price and quantity with options price.
** Easily export the products from link and update with a single click to import again.
** Hassle free csv export / import, csv format already available to import products with updated price and quantity.
** Export all products with price and quantity, change only the needed products quantity / price and update through our extension in a single go
** Filter products and selected products import price / quantity also available.
** Product options Select, Checkbox and Radio options getting updated.
** Without product options also getting updated.

Our CSV file columns are following:-
Update Product Price & Quantity CSV File
1. Product Name(*) [we use this field as Primary Key to import bulk Products.If Product Name has exists, can not insert again only update.]
2. Categories(*) [MUST as the same as Database, Multiple Categories as comma seperated LIKE Category1,Category2]
3. Quantity
4. Price
5. Select Type
6. Requried [Yes/No]
7. Option Value
8. Quantity
9. Subtrack stock [Yes/No]
10. Price
11. Price Prefix [Plus/Minus]
12. Points
13. Points Prefix [Plus/Minus]
14. Weight
15. Weight Prefix [Plus/Minus]

Opencart Default Theme Demo:

User Name : updateproduct
Password : updateproduct

More detail :

You will find the installation.txt and readme.txt file in the ZIP file

We will provide a good support to you. If you have any queries please leave a mail to

You will get a reply within 48 hours...

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