Quick Ordering - Enhanced Grid-Based Cart Checkout

Quick Ordering - Enhanced Grid-Based Cart Checkout
Quick Ordering - Enhanced Grid-Based Checkout [VQMOD]

Supported OpenCart Versions:
This plugin supports all version of opencart version 1.5.x (which is available at the demo site below).

Note: A port of this plugin to opencart version 2 is underway. If you are interested in having this plugin for opencart version 2.x, please leave a comment. I will gladly fast-track this effort.

What does it do
This extension replaces the default static opencart checkout page with a much more dynamic grid-based, excel-like checkout page. It allows for extreme quick ordering, including a fully integrated product search function.

The grid is based on the excellent w2ui javascript toolkit ([url]www.w2ui.com[/url]).

The following features are supported:

* Persistent changes to the shopping cart
* On-the-fly quantity editing
* Integrated search functionality. The search function allows you to search for products, to add to your shopping cart directly from the grid.
* The ability to switch between the classic opencat cart screen and this module.
* Full support for Voucher, Coupons and Point Redemption (as per the default opencart behaviour).
* Grid based functions:
- The ability to double click an amount to modify it.
- The ability to select multiple rows from the grid to remove them from the cart in one go.
- The ability to add new items to the cart without ever leaving the checkout page.
- Full tab support, meaning that simply pressing tab will allow you to cycle through each quantity and edit the quantity
* Fully integrated with Opencart's Language framework, so all GUI elements can be customers to the language of choice.

Opencart Version http://www.opencartplugins.net/quick_ordering/oc_1564/index.php?route=checkout/cart

How to install it
1) Unzip and upload the contents of the zip file to the root of your OpenCart install. No files are overwritten and it's required to have vqmod installed.



  • Developed by OpenCart Partner
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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7 Oct 2015
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