Quick Stock Editor : Products and Options

Quick Stock Editor : Products and Options

Now edit quantity, price and stock status by direct entry of value.
A single page stock editor designed to save time for admin and easily handle stock on the store.
You can track and edit quantity, price & stock status for products and options.

Current version : 4.15

Latest Update
- Added sku search and column in list.
- Added model search and column in list.
- Extension is now compatible with latest opencart version 2.3.x

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Direct Editor For Products and Options

Direct Editor for only Options

Best Price Gaurantee : $22


- Manage stock from a single page.
- Stock tracker and editor for products quantity, price and stock status.
- Stock tracker and editor for options quantity and price.
- Directly enter the new value to save the new stock or price.
- Direct select new stock status to save it.
- Edit price for products and options from a single page.
- Use awesome filters to search any product on the store and manage stock.
- User sorting with product name and quantity to check the stock and manage it super quickly.
- More filters added on direct stock editor page for products.
- Filter by category, manufacturer, and SKU are added new.
- Feature to track low stock products via email.
- You can enable this feature on the direct stock edit page for products.
- You can also set up to receive low stock email only for certain products.

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I can't believe i didn't have this extension for so long. It saved me countless hours. Highly recommended and needed for everyone. I love how easy and responsive the widget is, very user friendly. Journal Theme


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