Order Callback and Order by phone for OC 2.x

Order Callback and Order by phone for OC 2.x
One module - Two modes: Order callback and Buy by phone for OC 2.x

If a visitor of your site wants you to call him, this module will add such ability to your online store.

The module can operate in two modes:

  • Request a callback - in this mode, the button "Call me back" appears in the header of page, so it shows on every page. When it will be clicked, a visitor will see modal window to enter the information (Name, phone, etc). This data will send to admin emails (if you set such option to Enabled).
  • Order by phone - button "Order by phone" appears on every Product page, next to the Add to Cart button. Clicking on it opens a modal window for the visitor, to enter the data (Name, phone, email etc), that also will send to admin's email (in additional admin will see product name, on page which, button was clicked)

You will be able to adjust:

  • set of fields and indicate what fields are mandatory;
  • caption for button;
  • enable/disable email notifications;
  • phone mask for phone field;
  • email text that admin will receive.

Localizations: English, Russian, Azerbaijani (thanks @elchin.jamal)

Module was tested with the default opencart template, and may work with much others, but custom theme in most cases requires some changes to show elements (eg: button, links etc.) on frontend.
So if after installation you will not see module's elements on frontend of your store - that means you need changes in module files exact for your theme.
Please pay attention that such customization for you theme is paid option and costs 10$. And we only pass our module code on frontend with your buttons and link css style. We will not do any button's layout.

Support email: dev@instup.com
If you need technical support, found an error or have a question about module - please don't write about in comments, write directly to support email.

Operation of this module was tested with Opencart versions,,, but we believe it will work with earlier versions. If you find any error or bug, please inform us about and we will fix it shortly.

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