Opencart B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace

Opencart B2B Multi Vendor Marketplace
Opencart B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace - Opencart B2B Multi-Vendor Marketplace module converts your Opencart site into complete Business to Business marketplace with customer groups, separate seller product collection, and many more. Using this module admin can create customer group according to their need, and seller and customer can create sub-user under their supervision and all the sub-users will work in the name of its administrator. The Sub-users will not have their own identity. This module can create a platform where businesses can communicate and transact with other businesses along with various other important features.

  • Admin can create user groups with some group rights according to their need.
  • The seller or customer can create sub-user and see the group user list if they have “create user” right.
  • If the customer has no rights to order the product, then they will send the product for review and admin will approve that
  • product after that customer can buy that particular product.
  • The Seller or customer can see the group user list.
  • The child group contains only their parent group rights.
  • Admin can create template-based emails for Marketplace which will be used, according to Admin selection.
  • The seller can add Simple and Downloadable product.
  • Admin can select the shipping method for the seller. So that shipping amount will be transferred to seller’s account.
  • Catalog module configuration through admin.
  • Admin can toggle Account Menu sequence as per their need.
  • Admin can create mail template using relevant mail keywords.
  • Admin can track the seller’s income, total order, total buyers, and latest order using dashboard field under edit partner page.
  • With transaction status, seller will know whether the seller has been paid by the admin or not.
  • Seller will have own dashboard to manage orders.
  • Option for customer to become a partner/ vendor/ customer group at the registration page.
  • [*]Seller can ask any questions, doubts or queries from admin.

    Use Case

    Opencart B2B multi-vendor allows the interaction of businesses wherein customer group can be created. On the other hand, the seller can create the sub-user to interact in the marketplace.

    Extended functionality for the customer right wherein the product can be sent for review if the purchase rights are not given to the user.

    A systematized email template can even be structured to provide which can be defined by admin.

    Work Flow

    The module allows the creation of marketplace customer groups. The details of the customer group can be edited or deleted. The customer group details can be easily found in the customer group tab.

    Here, if the group is a parent group then we can check the “Parent Group” checkbox.Else the admin needs to specify the parent group of the group in a text box.

    If the user has been approved as a seller then the marketplace block will display in the account section of the user. The seller can even create the Users and see the list of users if they have “Create User” rights granted.

    The seller can add the products with the details enabled by the admin.

    With the help of the menu, the seller can manage their products by adding, editing and deleting their products. The seller can even track their inventory of the product.

    By clicking on the sold quantity of the product the seller can view the product order details. The seller can even view the Transaction Status.

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