Opencart Migration & Remote Upgrade Tool

Opencart Migration & Remote Upgrade Tool
Opencart Migration & Remote Upgrade Tool

The next phases are doneas a remote update:

  • Adding new tables to the database
  • Adding new columns
  • Inserting required new data
  • Adding new settings
  • Deleting obsolete settings
  • Deleting obsolete columns
  • Deleting obsolete tables
  • Add all new permissions to database


  • Required Vqmod 2.5.0 or newer
  • PHP Curl Library must be use
  • PHP API Extesnions must be use

Fullversion addfeatures:

  • Fetches a new Opencart version zip package from network
  • Unzip files from the zip-packet to the shop server
  • To the version 2.x there are preinstalled the scripts to repair bugs of Ocmod files
  • Removes the expired vqmod files changin these names (rename)
  • Cleans vqmod cache
  • Renames some directories which includes old settings (forexample admin/controller/module)

Direct updates:

  • Relocating modules to new tables (if updating to version 2.x)
  • Converting modules to different format (from versions 1.4.7 and1.5.0)
  • Converting modules, settings and Admin user group to use JSON format(when updating to version 2.1)
  • Updating Config-php

New! Full version:
Update also new OC version files to Store
In store is used all directories permissions 755

Important. You is not need this extension, if you want do upgrade from OC 2.0.3-2.2 to version, because you can do upgrade go to

Notice: If your store version is Opencart 3.0.x or newer, you is not need this extension. You can do upgrade "the old way", download and upload Oc new files and go to page

Notice: Opencart versions and newer required PHP 7.3. Therefore, this program will not be updated for them so as not to have problems with older versions of OC.

Support to future version!

In version 1.5..0
In version

username: demo, password: demo

Upgrade video


What customers say about Opencart Migration & Remote Upgrade Tool

I didn't end up using this ext as its more complex to just upgrade.
Totally worth it. Had so many issues updating 1.5.5 to 2.3. All gone with this module. Only the documentation has been Google translated, so not all so clear to understand. Enough to get it done, with some help from the author who responded very quick on questions.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


Compatibility, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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