FastDiscuss - live chat for ecommerce

FastDiscuss - live chat for ecommerce
Provide your customers with excellent customer service and collect feedback. Increase your revenue and customer satisfaction level, free of charge.

A live chat tool helps you sell more by answering the visitors’ questions, solving their issues and helping them to place an order. Know your customers better and improve your service by collecting contact details and feedback. Using Chatra makes it easy.

You can work from web dashboard or download apps for Windows & Mac. No need to stay by your computer all the time: mobile apps for Android and iOS are also available.

Not all live chats are the same. We offer a next generation tool:

— Keeps history forever. All past conversations are available both for you and your visitors, even if they went to a different page or closed the browser.
— Works everywhere. Visitors can chat with you from any browser or device, even if they use Nintendo 3DS or Windows Phone.
— Comfortable UI and friendly atmosphere. It looks and feels just like a regular messenger app with smooth animations and avatars.

Other Distinctive Features:

— Triggered actions. Start a chat when certain criteria are met. Greet your visitors or offer help for those who might need it.
— Typing insights. See what your visitors type and be ready with an answer even before they send the message.
— Group chats. Invite several specialists to the same chat to solve complicated cases or make an impression on your customers.
— Cart saving. Offer help for customers stuck on the checkout and avoid possible cart abandonment.
— Offline messages. Even when you are offline or unavailable, your customers may still reach you via offline form.
Free forever plan. Includes up to 5 agents online and everything you need for communication.

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23 Oct 2015
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