NewStore - Univarsal Premium Responsive Theme

NewStore - Univarsal Premium Responsive Theme
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1). Trade Management 6 Personal Editor ++ 1.1
2). Trade Management 3 - Quick Order
3). Trade Management 1 - Obatny Up
4). Trade Management 7 - Product any
5). Modules tab ALLTABS
6). Stickers Product (4 kinds of sticker - the action hit sales, trends, top sales. They are configured as you wish)
7). Additional pages in the menu (created in the directory / articles and put a tick in the additional display. Menu)
8). Contacts in the header
9). Contact the basement site
10). Method of payment (to each icon, you can bind an article that people would understand how to pay)
11) Social Networks
13). More pictures of goods in all modules, the pages when you hover, you can disable the settings, change to a different animation.
14) . Button quick order, bookmarks, a comparison can be disabled for each module and each starnitsy,
15). Product details can be disabled for each module (pages separately)
16). Model Product can be disabled for each module (pages separately)
17) rating - can be turned off
18) Number of reviews - can be turned on / off in the settings module
19). by clicking on the number of comments open product reviews on the item card.
20) .Ruchnaya theme tune
21) pre-installed 4 color schemes
22). Main menu permanently open or closed (configurable in the settings of the template)
23) Recently viewed
24) One Page Checkout
25) Google map + Marker

What customers say about NewStore - Univarsal Premium Responsive Theme

Excellent Module
There is no assistance, the theme is not the property of the author but of an external company, he does not know how to give any explanation and he says he is always sick.
Aleksey, helps with any issue. Every time you update the theme, it adds new modules and saves you from almost a lot of money modules. You don't even need to add any modules at all. Convenient trade management tools, layout we have never seen in any theme. Even the simplest product looks beautiful with this theme. All I can say about support. Excellent.


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