Mass Product Price Change

Mass Product Price Change
This one of a kind extension provides a simple, quick and easy way to mass product prices update while giving you powerfull options about the scope and the type of the prices change to be done.

    - instantly change the prices of all products in your store
    - option to apply the price change just to a selected number of products using manufacturers, categories and options as a filter criteria (unique feature)
    - option to apply the price change to subcategories recursively when filter by category is applied
    - affect all kind of prices: standard, special, discounted and options - together or exclusively
    - increase or reduce the prices by percentage or by a fixed amount
    - two methods of percentage change, simple and inclusion, allow you apply all kinds of percentage price changes (unique feature)

And it's a one-click installation!

Admin: demo
Pass: demo

Don't forget to give a star!

    - To increase the prices use positive values, to reduce them use negative ones (ex. -5)
    - The "inclusion" percentage change calculates the new price so that it contained the calculated percent change

Example 1:
If we want to increase the prices with 10% in a way that when applying a discount of 10% to get the initial price we have to use method "inclusion".
Let's say the price is a value of 100. Adding 10% using method "inclusion" would make the price 111. If you decrease this new price by 10% using method "simple" or applying a discount then it would become again 100.
Example 2:
If we have already decreased a price using method "inclusion" by 10% from 100 we'd got 90,91. Inceasing it by 10% using method "simple" would make it 100 again.
- Remember that percentage change negative values should not exeed value of -100 (which would make the price 0).


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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