Fast order processing

Fast order processing
Fast processing of the order for Opencart 2_x

installation with the integrated OCMOD


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Fast processing of the order for Opencart 2_x
installation with the integrated OCMOD

1) Where the name of the buyer added phone, mail, city of delivery and delivery address
2) all of these fields, you can do a search in the buyer
3) withdrawal of the goods from the image, price, quantity, options,
4) in the field of card products Add purchase price, which is displayed in the order, it can be edited both in the card and in orders.
5) Profit field.
6) color status of the order, as well as the color of the text can be set in the system - localization.
7) when you change the order status color changes to the order that you specify it!
8) The columns can be switched off
9) The mandrel Waybill mail to the buyer - (letter template can be customized - modules!)
10) Added a method of payment and delivery method, (they can be turned off, as it can sort orders)
11) Added the model product, SKU, UPC (they can be turned off)
12) Field Rise - (YES / NO - Cost recovery - The prefix + and -)
13) Field assembly - (YES / NO - cost assembly - The prefix + and -)
14) postage
15) To send a waybill or manual sending a letter to the client there is a button to send (letter template can be customized to order management module)
16) PI status change order records which changed the status of the manager, if configured in the localization / order statuses / change the status / letter template and put a tick in this case to send the status when there is a change in the status of a letter sent to the mail Klien
17) There are many variables that can be used in a template letter and its subject (Hello ~ firstname ~!) That's like this.
18) Profit Allows all fields (lifting, assembly, delivery, value), Lifting and assembly into account prefix
19) Icons in the name of the buyer for naglyanosti.
20) Added sorting (lifting, assembly, shipping costs, profit management, with the date of the order of)


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