Opencart Product Export: Google Merchant, Amazon, eBay, CSV/XML

Opencart Product Export: Google Merchant, Amazon, eBay, CSV/XML
Opencart Product Export & Variations: Google Merchant|Amazon Seller|BesList|Houzz|Bing!|eBay|CSV/XML

To put it simply, The takes your products and adds them to major online merchants like Google, eBay, Amazon, Bing, facebook and around 40 other merchants in txt, csv and even xml format. So, what’s the benefit of exporting your feeds using ExportFeed?

It’s simple. When someone searches for your product or similar product on that site, it will now show up there!

To explain a little further, our exporter takes your existing shopping cart, with all of your products’ information, and produces an ‘export’ data feed. This feed can be customized by adding different product variation and with different attributes using ExportFeed for Opencart

The SEO enriched feed, thus generated, is then synced or uploaded to other online merchants so that your products will show up in THEIR search engine resulting in your increased sales.

So, if you are selling stuff online on your own Opencart based site and have painstakingly entered information which you and don’t want to repeat the cumbersome process for merchant sites, ExportFeed is your solution.

Send your Opencart product feed to 40+ merchant sites and sync the feed changes automatically. Sound too easy? We know. (But it is.)easy? We know. (But it is.)

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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