Pay by PinPay

Pay by PinPay
PinPay provides immediate web payment integration for all businesses operating with OpenCart websites. By installing PinPay as your payment gateway, customers will be able to conduct their purchases through PinPay’s simple, OTP checkout process.
PinPay’s OTP feature enables customers with PinPay mobile applications to generate a 6-digit One Time Password (OTP). This OTP will be entered in your store’s website in order for a purchase to be made.

Steps to Install PinPay Payment Gateway:
1. Download the PinPay OTP Payment zip file to your desktop. The name of the file is PinPay

2. Unzip the folder, you will have the following files: admin, catalog and image folders.

3. Open an FTP client and upload the content in the unzipped folder to your website.

4. You will then find the PinPay payment gateway in your OpenCart Payments options.

How can Customers use PinPay’s OTP Feature to purchase items from your website?
1. Customers are required to select Pay with PinPay using OTP in the Payment Method selection screen on your store’s OpenCart website.

2. After clicking on Checkout with PinPay, users are required to enter the following information on the website:

• International Mobile Number

3. To get the OTP, customers should initially have the PinPay mobile application installed. They can download and install it through their app store:

For iPhone:
For Android:

4. After installation, customers would need to search for your store name in the app and select it.

5. They would then need to enter the following information:
• Select their Payment Method
• Select Currency (LBP or USD – depending on what the amount is on the store website)
• Amount (the same amount as displayed on your store website)
• M-PIN (customer’s personal PinPay passcode)
• Store Name (optional)
• Select the OTP button to generate the code

6. A 6-digit OTP number is then generated. This should be entered along with the customer’s mobile number (in international mobile number format) on your website in order to proceed with the purchase.

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