Expire Downloads With Expiration Notification

Expire Downloads With Expiration Notification
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

Latest Ad don to the module: Now you as admin can extend download expire date and download counter. In edit order under each purchased item with download assigned you will see the downloadable products and will be able to set new expire date and counter if needed

[b]PS: Due to requests new feature were added (2.3.x and 3.x Versions) Admin can set how many times user can download items also, so now you can expire downloads not just by date but by times user downloaded the item.

Anyone who sells digital products, know that version updates, adoption, or adding additional functionality to a digital product is time consuming. And if you are using Opencart to sell your digital items you already know, that there is NO CONTROL over downloadable items, that is once user purchased the item he can download any updates upgrades for free anytime.

Having no control over downloadable items developer or designer or logo maker gets into a situation when no matter how much new features he will add to his digital product, no matter how much the price has been raised, old buyers always will get the downloadable item for free (if they already purchased it) that means of the endless amount of updates for not making a revenue.

This extension will change this. This extension will allow you to add for how long the downloadable links should be active after making an order.

So from now on you will be able to determine how long the buyer can get free updates, after the period of time (the one you can set per each product seperate in admin panel), the buyer will see the expired link message in his download area and will be offered to order a product again if he wants to get the updates.

Also as admin you will be able to set The expiration email notification and set the days when it has to be sent to user announcing that his downloadable item is about to expire (that will boost your sales for sure).

So if you selling a service or downloadable item your system automatically will inform customer about the expiration date :) in the email you can use lots of variables that will be replaced by real values:

List of variables:

%first_name% - Inserts customers first name
%last_name% - Inserts customers last name
%download_name% - Inserts the downloadable item name
%download_purchase_date% - Inserts the purchase date.
%download_expire_date% - Inserts the downloadable item expiration date
%order_id% - Inserts the order id of the downloadable item.

So don't waist your valuable time as a seller of digital items, don't get stuck in the endless wheel of free upgrades. Set the time periods for downloads to be active, crate the reminder email and start earning more for your hard work:)profit from your hard work:)


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