Advance Product Review (vQmod)

This contribute Advance Product Review as OpenCart review module that allow customer to rate the store products and service only when customer have valid transaction. It also bundle with Q&A feature at product page to allow customer to post question to store or after sales service. The system is bundle with email notification functionality. Thus all questions or rating will be notified through email whenever there is a new message or new review.

-The product review is enable at customer account only when there is a valid transaction. The review is visible at store front product page.
-Customer and store admin can have post and answer question at individual product page.
-Customer can view the product rating and Q&A at product page.
-Fully bundle with email notification when there were activity between store admin and customer.

Easy Install
1) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your OpenCart installation
2) Login to administrator page, 'System -> Users -> User Group -> Administrator -> Edit -> Select All (Access/Modify) -> Save.
3) Login to administrator page, 'Extensions -> Modules-> Advance Product Review -> Install -> Edit' -> Save.

How Store Admin Answer Question Admin
1)Login to administrator page - > Catalog -> Advance Review -> Question & Answer

How Store Admin access product review
1)Login to administrator page - > Catalog -> Advance Review -> Reviews

How customer give product rating
1) Login to customer account -> My Orders -> Advance Review

Note: It work out of box for default OpenCart theme. Custom theme require additional customization work.

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