Process incoming order in record time!!! With just few clicks import the order into Quickbooks print the label and ship. See here a short video demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycZ2ybPKg6o

This extension allows exporting the order and the customer's information to a file that can be then imported by Quickbooks. The exported file is in the iif format: Intuit Interchange Format, with (.iif) extension.

This is convenient if you use Quickbooks for your accounting and you don't want to re-enter manually the customer information and the order details in Quickbooks. It increases productivity and reduces typing errors.

It can export one or multiple orders at once.

This extension adds a button "Quickbooks Export" in the admin area. After clicking the button, a file is downloaded on your local disk. From Quickbooks menu select File/Utilities/Import/iif file. The client details are then automatically added in the customer job list and a new invoice/sales receipt is created. Review the imported data.
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a demo can be found here: http://siliconkit.com/oc1551/admin/index.php?route=common/login
user/pass: demo/demo


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28 Jun 2011
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