Check Domain OC 2.x

Check Domain OC 2.x

Check Domain

Whois module with the whole world's known, over 2450 Top Level Domains (extensions) and over 940 whois servers filed (June 25, 2017). Just choose the TLDs (extensions) that you need on your website.

This is developed for selling and/or registering domains with a whois to check domains. Also excellent for developers of e-Commerce solutions and / or webshop builders / designers and all other OpenCart users.

A working version can be found at our website:

However, due to server connectivity ( is hosted in Thailand), server time-out connections may appear when requesting several WHOIS-servers. This may cause false information (message: "NOT avalaible for registration"). We advise you to try again or reload. No need to clear cache, the program clears it itself.

This extension was not tested on OC at the time of the update.

! NOTE: Interesting extensions !!!

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